Lynda Gratton

People Strategy

How do you put people at the heart of corporate purpose?

Putting your people at the heart of your firm’s business and people strategy will help your organisation thrive. This means defining and implementing a culture and processes that promote energy and human potential.

People Strategy has been a key focus of my work since the 1990s. I’ve written two books and a variety of articles which look at people strategy and alignment issues, the structure of HR, and performance management.

I have put these ideas into a teaching context and for over two decades have directed the programme ‘Human Resource Strategy in Transforming Companies’ at London Business School, considered the world’s leading programme on human resources. Find out more about the programme here.

At HSM Advisory we work with a series of companies on aligning business and people strategy. Our work with a leading financial services company identified and empowered a network of leaders and influencers to equip people with the skills and knowledge to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead. Find out more here.


  1. ‘Living Strategy: Putting People at the Heart of Corporate Purpose’

    (2000) Lynda Gratton.

  2. ‘Strategic Human Resource Management: Corporate Rhetoric and Human Reality’

    (1999) Co-authored with Veronica Hope-Hailey, Philip Stiles and Katie Truss.

Selected Articles and Videos

  1. How to future-proof your firm

    Think at London Business School. (2017)

  2. Three Dimensions of People Strategy

    co-authored with Katy Truss: The Academy of Management Executive, 17/3: (2003)

  3. Implementing a Strategic Vision: Key Factors for Success

    Long Range Planning. (1996) 29/3: 290-303.