Lynda Gratton

Cooperation and Innovation

How can innovation and collaboration flourish?

I’m fascinated by the role of cooperation in innovation. For over a decade this was a major focus of research and thanks to a significant grant from the Singapore Government I was able to fully understand cooperation and develop a series of cooperative tools.

Cooperation and co-creation are fundamental to corporate and individual purpose and success. There are three key elements:

  1. The corporation has a cooperative culture deliberately built through practices and processes.
  2. There are rich and diverse networks which allow ideas to move freely.
  3. There is a purpose that energises and ignites – a Hot Spot.

Over the years these three foundations – culture, networks and igniting purpose – have been central to my writing and teaching, and the leadership of my research advisory practice, HSM Advisory.

It also enabled me to build a significant capability in complex collaboration within HSM Advisory – Collaboration Jams. Collaboration Jams are 72-hour online, facilitated conversations, bringing together thousands of people onto a bespoke platform for a real-time and global conversation.

See the power of Collaboration Jams in this conversation between myself and Selina Millstam, VP and Head of Talent Management at Ericsson.


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