Lynda Gratton

What Happens if ‘Absorbing by Observation’ Disappears?

‘What Happens if ‘Absorbing by Observation’ Disappears?’, MIT Sloan Management Review by Lynda Gratton.

12th May 2021

Over the years, we have witnessed many different ways of supporting young people as they learn about a job and a company culture and norms – to “absorb by observation.” But much about this is changing.

Experienced, older members of organisations invariably have plenty of tacit knowledge. But what about younger workers or new starters? How can they really understand what a place is about, how to navigate the business, where the real power lies behind the formal hierarchies and job titles? This is a growing concern.

What’s clear is that the way we work is changing, and the way knowledge is shared will need to adjust. In a new article for MIT Sloan Management Review, Lynda Gratton outlines some of the creative ways to develop knowledge beyond traditional, formal training.