Lynda Gratton

Four Principles to Ensure Hybrid Work is Productive Work

‘Four Principles to Ensure Hybrid Work is Productive Work’, MIT Sloan Management Review by Lynda Gratton.

9th November 2020

Organisations have become more flexible about where and when employees work. Now they need to be more intentional about their choices and trade-offs.

The term ‘hybrid working’ is gaining popularity as a way of describing work in the post-pandemic world. But what does it mean? And do leaders really understand its implications?

Covid-19 has caused an unprecedented, and undoubtedly permanent, change in the way we work. Aspirations about post-pandemic ways of working range from “work from anywhere” to a full return to office-based work, with a whole range of fixed and flexible working arrangements in between. Yet it is important to remember that ways of working that started as a short-term solution may not serve the needs of a longer-term reality.

In this MIT SMR article, Prof. Lynda Gratton identifies four key principles to help leaders understand these longer-term needs and create a productive workplace.