Lynda Gratton

Time to Rethink Your Company Culture

‘Time to Rethink Your Company Culture’, London Business School by Lynda Gratton.

31st March 2021

Working remotely might mean greater autonomy and flexibility, but it also means no serendipitous connections in the office communal kitchen, no impromptu lunches or birthday celebrations. Many of the everyday rituals which helped us keep company culture alive, promoted collaboration and made work fun have disappeared – and few of us have the blueprint for recreating them.

Prof. Lynda Gratton believes that a collaborative workplace has four key ingredients: a culture based on trust and cooperation, diverse networks, productive capacity and a sense of purpose. Working remotely for an extended period has had a domino effect on each of these elements. The longer people spend working at home, the less likely they are to feel a sense of belonging at work. This has the effect of eroding collaborative culture, reducing trust and making conflict resolution more difficult.