Lynda Gratton

Why Leaders Must Return Skills To The Top Of Their Agendas

‘Why Leaders Must Return Skills To The Top Of Their Agendas’, Forbes by Roger Trapp.

30th January 2021

It is becoming increasingly clear that we will never return to old ways of working. Leaders are realising that this is only the start of even bigger changes.

A year in, it is now abundantly clear that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed reality as we know it. It has accelerated the shift to automation and digitalisation, changing the landscape of work by hastening the disappearance of some jobs and causing significant changes to others. This new reality has left many organisations with employees who may soon no longer have a role, and skills gaps they may not be well-positioned to fill.

We are entering a new reality and we need the skills for it. Faced with the “double disruption” of recession and digitisation, organisations are now under intense pressure to find people who possess these skills – or help their people develop them. So, what can leaders do?

A recent Forbes article explores the key insights from the recent HSM Pandemic webinar, outlining why putting skills at the top of leaders’ agendas must be a priority.