Lynda Gratton

Resilience Is The Key For Leaders In Professional Services Firms

‘Resilience Is The Key For Leaders In Professional Services Firms’, Forbes by Roger Trapp.

28th February 2021

Most attention during the pandemic has understandably focused on the death toll and hospitalisations of those hit by the virus. However, we can all attest to the fact that mass hybrid working has created its own problems.

Building and maintaining resilience is going to be key for leaders who want to ensure success long-term. This was the focus of the Maintaining Resilience HSM Pandemic webinar, in which co-MD of HSM, Emma Birchall, showcased our work with White & Case LLP.

This is the focus of a new Forbes article, by Roger Trapp, who highlights the importance of resilience as leaders face many more challenges ahead working out what the hybrid workplace will look like.