Lynda Gratton

Embracing the future of hybrid working with Fujitsu

HSM Advisory and Fujitsu Limited have published a joint research report on the current state and future of hybrid work, which sits at the convergence of the digital and real-world. The report introduces Fujitsu and HSM Advisory’s Sustainable High Performance Model that highlights key success factors for hybrid work initiatives, offering a framework to enhance employee productivity, promote creativity, and deliver better customer experiences.

Download the report here

In this joint report, HSM Advisory and Fujitsu introduce strategies for realising effective hybrid working derived from the experiences and lessons learned during the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, which redefined the ways in which organisations work. The report concludes that a holistic approach encompassing purpose, culture, management, autonomy, performance, and innovation proves essential to embedding effective hybrid working practices.

You can watch the video message from Lynda Gratton (CEO and Founder of HSM Advisory) and Hiroki Hiramatsu (Chief HR Officer at Fujitsu) below.