Lynda Gratton

The 100-Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity.

Lynda Gratton & Andrew J. Scott

‘What happens when many people live to 100’? Although technology has been much studied, the impact of demography on working lives is little understood.

The 100-Year Life describes the challenges and the intelligent choices everyone of any age must make to turn greater life expectancy into a gift and not a curse.

Whilst life expectancy has increased for decades, society continues to structure lives in the same way as the past; we learn, we work, we retire.

This book shares how individuals adapt, focussing on intangible as well as tangible assets. It includes a diagnostic profile that shows whether you are depleting, maintaining or building tangible and intangible assets.

It is clear that many current practices are ill-equipped to cope with a 100-year life and that individuals, companies and governments all have a role to play in ensuring we structure our lives differently so we can make the most of a longer life.

This book created a global conversation about longevity. It has been translated into many languages, won prizes, became one of the best-selling books in Japan and has even been made into a manga.