Lynda Gratton

Redesigning Work: How to Transform Your Organisation and Make Hybrid Work for Everyone

Lynda Gratton

Professor Lynda Gratton is the global thought-leader on the future of work. Based on thirty years of research into the technological, demographic, cultural and societal trends that are shaping work, and building on what we learnt through our experiences of the global pandemic, Lynda Gratton presents her innovative four step framework for redesigning work that will help you:

Understand the challenges your business is facing
Reimagine creative, new approaches and processes
Model and Test these within your organisation
Act and Create based on contemporary, data-led feedback

Whether you’re working in a small team or running a multinational, this is the time to make lasting change and equip your business for the future. Redesigning Work is the definitive book on how to transform your organisation and make hybrid working work for you. It will help your team embrace change, increase productivity and thrive in our new, more flexible working world.

Lynda Gratton has also recorded the audiobook for Redesigning Work. This will be the first audiobook voiced by Lynda herself. Available to purchase now.

An intelligent, deeply thoughtful book that will walk you through the choices that will be critical to your people’s future happiness and well-being, and by extension, to your organization’s performance. Lynda Gratton’s sharp new book gives us a practical approach to parsing out the choices that will work in our unique situations. Rita McGrath Best-selling author and Professor at Columbia Business School
We are going through a period of extraordinary change. Technology, climate and social. Working practices will change profoundly and the impact on working habits will be significant, affecting every employee and employer. This is a must read for both, as Lynda's book helps us think through the implications. Lord Mervyn Davies of Abersoch Former CEO and Chairman of Standard Chartered
Listening to a really good book is one of my favourite ways to learn. Lynda's book is no exception! The joy of this book is hearing the words read by the author. It adds a completely different level of authenticity and because Lynda is a polished lecturer, her delivery is superb. If like me, you consume news on podcasts and enjoy listening to books at the end of a long day zooming, there's no better way to absorb the important messages in this wonderful book. Ann Cairns Vice Chairman of Mastercard
Redesigning Work seizes the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rethink not only where work takes place (virtual, hybrid), but also who works (changing demographics), what we do (evolving tasks), how we work (collaboration), and why we work (purpose and impact). Gratton draws on her extensive experience and expertise to create a well-honed field guide and four-step process that will guide you and your teams to thrive in the future as it rapidly emerges and morphs around. Redesigning Work is the ultimate guide for those of us championing team human. Heather E. McGowan Future of Work Strategist, Keynote Speaker, and Author of The Adaptation Advantage
Lynda Gratton uses the insight that the pandemic has already shaken us out of our old ways of working to show us how to use this opportunity to fix many problems with the way we work now. An extremely timely and useful book. Peter Cappelli Author of The Future of the Office: Work From Home, Remote Work, and the Hard Choices We All Face
Lynda Gratton has increasingly set herself apart from the pack, she now the lead thinker helping us interpret the changing face of business. This is a book that has helped summarise the changed world we face, and also to make sense of it. Bruce Daisley Best-selling author and former Vice President of Twitter
This is a hugely insightful and timely guide for everyone challenged about how to redesign work in a thoroughly reimagined future. The strong focus on people, talent and potential is particularly valuable. This overall rigorous approach can work for organisations of any operational size, scale or sector. Dame Mary Marsh Non-executive director of HSBC Bank and member of the governing body at London Business School